History & Mission

As a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist, I have been fortunate to work and live in this great community. Since 1976, following the completion of my training at the University of California in San Francisco, I established my practice in the East Bay where I have enjoyed the opportunities of working with families and women of all ages.


My years in medicine coincided with many technological and scientific advances. My practice strives to bring patients the most up-to-date management of reproductive health options over a woman's lifespan in a caring, collaborative and interactive environment. 

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Klein's for about 10 years.  He is an experienced doctor who takes the time to answer questions and has a relaxed manner to help his patients feel comfortable.  Recently when I needed some assistance over the weekend, I was relieved when I heard that Dr. Klein was on call.  He promptly returned my call on a weekend evening and followed through to assist me.  I can recommend Dr. Klein and his staff without hesitation..”

Kelly V.

“Aside from his wait time, I don't have a single complaint about Dr. Klein. During my second pregnancy in 2011, I had a horrible time with nausea.  I spent a week in the hospital. I was diagnosed with 
Hyperemesis gravidarum. I basically couldn't eat or drink anything. Dr Klein did everything possible to make me as comfortable as possible. Hear I was miserable and leave it to Dr. Klein to make me laugh. He is good about that. Upon being discharges from the hospital. He set up with a nursing agency to come to my home and keep my on IVs & Zofran pump. I thought for sure my baby would be born malnourished. Dr. Klein continued checking on me and cared for me during my entire pregnancy.  During my labor and delivery, he still managed to come in and crack a joke or two, and make me laugh.  My labor and delivery was a walk in the park thanks to him as well. I am eternally grateful for his care and my baby Noah..”

Maria R.

“Dr. Klein is a great physician. He's very personable and takes the time to talk to his patients. He's no BS when telling the facts, but it is refreshing and honest. He is a solid communicator, and takes academic medical theories and brings it down to understandable conversation. 

He listened to my concerns and made sure I didn't leave his care without feeling safe and cared for. I felt very comfortable in the examination room with him and fully trust his judgement.

The staff was also equally kind, accommodating, and practical. A fantastic practice..”

Angelina S.