Helping couples through pregnancy is one of the most rewarding aspects of an obstetric practice. ~ Dr. Klein

Planning Conception

So, you're ready to have a baby.  Let us help you get started.  Schedule an appointment for a pre-conception visit, which will we will use to update your lab tests and do an exam.

It is a good idea to start taking pre-natal vitamins with folic acid prior to pregnancy.

On average it may take one year for couples without any fertility problems to conceive a child.

Fertility Counseling & Services

Dr. Klein has helped couples wishing to conceive for many years. There are many factors that can be managed with under expert supervision in the office, at more affordable costs than advanced fertility clinics.


Consultations offer basic information regarding conception and treatment options. Early fertility management, including initial fertility testing, treatment and monitoring can be started in our office.

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If you think you are dealing with a life threatening emergency, call 911.

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