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Pass the Protein, Please

As many of our new OB patients know, I am somewhat of the protein police when it comes to prenatal nutrition. Micronutrients not consumed with recommended serving of fruits, veggies and other carbs can be re-cooped with the ever-improving prenatal vitamin. However there are no good recommendations for PROTEIN supplements. Powdered protein supplements can have trace amounts of heavy metals (not good), and protein bars as a general group are candy bars. Therefore, PROTEIN needs to be consumed from good dietary sources.

A pregnant and lactating woman should aim to get 71 grams of protein daily. This means PROTEIN should be a part of every meal and snack! Think of PROTEIN as the core part of your meal, then build your fruit, veggies and other starches around it. Eat the PROTEIN first. YUM!

Examples of easy and versatile PROTEIN includes: eggs, nuts, chickpeas, ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken from your grocer deli. A couple snacks I recommend for pregnant moms: sweet bell peppers dipped in hummus during the day; and peanutbutter spread on apples or graham crackers before bed. Please share your favorite in "comments".

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