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Pinch Up | Pinch Up | Pinch Up INNN

Kegel exercises have long been the standard for women to “hold it all together down there”. Thanks to the upsurge in yoga popularity, we've discovered mula bandha (meaning root lock), which not only rolls off the tongue nicely, but steps pelvic floor toning up a notch. While Kegel exercises are the useful pinching exercise of urinary control, exercising mula bandha develops additional muscles of the pelvic core.

The pelvis forms a bowl shaped structure that protects reproductive organs and is a shared space for these organs, the bladder and colon. Muscles and ligaments that line pelvic floor criss-cross to help keep organs in shape and functioning properly. With childbirth and aging the pelvic floor muscles can lose their tone, contributing to problems with urinary and bowel elimination and sexual dysfunction.

Mula bandha helps all systems of the pelvis, and is not just for new mothers or menopausal women. Women and men of all ages are encouraged to practice mula bandha. You can mula bandha any time and any place. To mula bandha: pinch the peehole and anus muscles ~ pull everything up ~ suck everything in ~ hold few a few seconds.

Ready? Everybody! Pinch Up | Pinch Up | Pinch Up INNNNN Repeat! Ten times! ... and "Go You Pelvis Slack Go".

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