• Louis Klein, M.D.

The Benefits of Jump Rope

Our erect posture and opposable thumbs are two unique features that separate us from other animals ~ and make it possible to jump rope!

You don’t have to actually jump rope to gain benefits of correcting poor posture and weak abdominal muscles. Assuming a jump rope posture at whatever task is at hand will do. Notice, as soon as you grasp the [imaginary] rope, the shoulders go back and the tummy goes in.

There are many things that compete for our erect posture. Working at the computer for starters begs us to slouch our shoulders and curl our upper back and neck forward. Changes in our weight (such as, pregnancy) and footwear (such as flat or high-heeled shoes), can change our center of balance and throw off our posture.

Good posture has three soft reversing curves in our spine: neck, upper back and low back. Good posture relieves chronic pain, energizes our work, and in fact, is linked to clear cognitive functions. A few rounds of "Miss Mary Mac" with a real jumprope on your next break will really turn back the clock.*

I was so intrigued by a recent article about a Double Dutch competition, I had to YouTube the subject. It appears to an activity enjoyed world wide.

* Not advised for women in their third trimester.

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