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Dysmorphic Moods

When I consider episodes of past menstrual cycles in terms of how perceptions of the smallest infractions of “my perfect order” would send me into a tirade, it’s a wonder my marriage survived and my sons turned out OK. It was as if every dirty sock lying on the floor was a message shouting: “F#%! you, Mom!” Well! I, for one, was not going to let anything so egregious as a dirty sock on the floor be unmet by a vicious tongue lashing!

During these episodes (roughly 12 hours), I would morph into someone I, myself, did not even recognize. But, woe to anyone who might suggest my mood might just be a matter of “that time of the month!” After all, I was grounded and righteous in every complaint I had against man and humanity.

Hello, these dysmorphic moods are the result of a drop in our hormone, estrogen. The hormone of euphoria that we swim in during pregnancy, and which does such lovely things for our hair ~ that hormone. Sometimes these mood issues pass over without much travail, and sometimes they need management with medication, counselling or just a little self-indulgent “alone time.” Understanding that it’s not you, as much as physiologic response to extraordinary hormonal change, can be reassuring, and allow you to take steps to be in better control. Definitely, seek professional help for persistent severe depression or severe anger/rage symptoms.

With years of experience, I've finally learned that when I meet a dirty, crumpled up sock on the floor, I can simply throw it away.

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