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In Defense of Pleasantly Plump

Beyond the joys of pregnancy, hormonal changes are generally not a pleasant experience. Actually, they are quite disruptive . Beyond obvious changes in menstruation, other tissues, such as skin and fat, are also affected by these hormones. It can be disturbing to see dramatic changes on our more visible features. Let’s, for a moment, consider benefits of age-related fat changes?

Weight loss after age 50 is directly proportional to the appearance of aging, especially in the face. Mid- and lower face volume loss and sagging becomes noticeable at a mere 3-5% weight loss for those in their ideal weight range. Coming from an aesthetic standpoint, it is quite challenging to plump and firm the complexion of those who are aggressively losing weight. Our facial fat softens angular and bony features, and plumper skin minimizes fine lines and large pores.

After age 55, more weight loss = older appearance.

Obesity (body mass index of over 25) is a medical issue with grave health consequences. But for those who are those who are physically fit and within 5-20 pounds of their normal body weight, body sculpting is a useful, new paradigm to embrace for aesthetic goals. The focus is not weight per se, but rather selective management of body curves in terms of volume. Sculpting exercises tone and develop large and small muscles, which burn calories long after the exercise itself. CoolSculpt*, now a regularly featured treatment in most offices today, is proving to be an effective tool for selective removal of stubborn, undesirable fatty tissue.

I invite you can explore our website and links to ancillary services for our rejuvenating treatments, including: hormonal management, body sculpting and laser skin rejuvenation. While new rejuvenating treatments can stave off acceleration of these natural age-related changes, keeping perspective and realistic goals help to accept some of these natural changes. Perhaps identifying words, like voluptuous, curvaceous and shapely, should be a bigger part of vocabulary among the mature whose fat is useful in just the right places.

*Permanent fat removal needs to be partnered with management of caloric intake and expenditures.

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