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Get Squatty

Developmentally, at the age of two the world changes when we learn about controlling our bodies, specifically as it relates to elimination. Everyone is happy at this milestone, parents and child alike... And then we create obstacles to make elimination difficult again. Schedules, unhealthy food, medications, privacy, pregnancy can all effectively block relief of a good bowel movement!

Passing stool involves the coordinated action involuntary muscles of the large intestine and voluntary muscles of the anus. This coordination is impacted by turns of the colon designed to maintain a functional upright posture. Humans have developed two 90 degree angles of tubing changes in the distal colon and rectum. Traveling around the world one will find some cultures have continued to employ the more nature position to defecate. Squatting “straightens the turns” of the lower intestine to make it easier to completely evacuate the colon.

Squatting on our modern toilets is rather challenging, both in terms of balance and sanitation. Enter the Squatty Potty: a foot lift that fits at the base of the toilet to help knees get a little closer to the chest. Devising your own Squatty Potty is pretty simple with a little imagination. A roll of toilet paper under each foot can be helpful in a pinch.

Make amends to your schedule, give yourself well deserved quiet time, eat healthy food with fiber, drink plenty of water, take a regular stroll in the park and try the Squatty Potty. Your world might be happy, again.

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