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Weight Management During Pregnancy

A natural and predominant concern women have early in pregnancy is how the pregnancy will change their body image after delivery, especially weight gain. We emphatically state here that weight loss during pregnancy is NOT HEALTHY.

It is most challenging to reset body image concerns among women who are at extremes of ideal weight ranges. There are medical recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy. Generally, women will gain about 10 pounds at 20 weeks gestation, and after recommendations for weekly weight gain varies depending on body mass index.

Following a diet of about 70 grams of daily protein, and low in high glycemic carbohydrates, will keep weight within normal parameters during pregnancy. Spacing meals and and healthy snacks throughout the day (about every 3-4 hours), and avoiding long period of fasting at night. Will curb a lot of over-eating, nausea and headaches. Consider taking bedtime snack that includes a little protein and carbohydrate, like peanutbutter on apples or chicken salad on crackers.(~NOT CEREAL!)

First trimester nausea can be minimized with fresh lemon water and saltine crackers throughout the day, to make it easier to eat better foods later. Long period of fasting makes nausea worse, so the secret is frequent, healthy snacking. Severe vomiting needs more medical intervention.

Walking throughout pregnancy is a good form of exercise to keep core muscles tone and keep the heart healthy for the labor of childbirth. Yoga can also help with nausea and fitness. All yoga poses can be adjusted for pregnancy with the simple mantra: don’t smash the baby.

Breastfeeding is nature’s perfect recovery for mom. Internal organs return to their normal size, pregnancy weight is efficiently lost, and potential mood issues related to hormonal changes are minimized.

We offer mom’s some simple recovery exercises to also help with toning the abdomen and pelvic floor at their six week postpartum check-up. Prenatal support for managing weight is essential for a healthy pregnancy and recovery.

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