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Up, Up and Away... or Maybe Stay

As the holiday season approaches, our pregnant moms inquire about travel restrictions. Generally, women maintaining a healthy pregnancy can travel safely up to 35 weeks gestation following few special guidelines.

  1. Stay well hydrated throughout your travel.

  2. Get up and walk about every 2 hours.

  3. For long trips (car or airplane) get compression stockings for your legs.

  4. Stay at altitudes below 8,000 feet.

  5. Refrain from adventure sports and carnival rides/roller coasters

Our policy is to have women are within 5 weeks of their due date (35-40 weeks gestation) or who have high risk pregnancies stay within a 120 mile radius (2 hour) of our medical facilities. We understand holiday time is family time. For these moms, consider inviting extended family to come visit you. Recruit your army of support to help prepare for the new baby. Or perhaps, a stay-cation can be your excuse to bow out of some of the holiday-associated stresses... Doctor's orders.

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