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Season of Lights

While we are turning in on our lights in the during the darker months of our holiday season, it’s quite amazing to reflect how remarkable applications of light and energy have made their journey to health and wellness.

Delicate tissues of the female anatomy is subject to considerable stress early in childbirth and later drops in hormones. Historically, options to rebuild tissue and support internal structures were heavily dependent on hormone replacement, pessaries and surgery. Today, we have applications of lasers and radio-frequency for use in feminine rejuvenation.

Energy based systems, such as Mona Lisa and ThermiVa, have revolutionized the meaning of the well woman visit. These in-office procedures are on par with out-of-pocket costs women pay for more traditional therapies, and offer a more natural, time saving approach in managing numerous problems while boosting sexual health.

Most protocols call for a series of treatments (most of the time 3 is sufficient), each about one month apart. This is followed by a maintenance treatment once or twice annually. Our practice is seeing many women benefit in the short time we have offered these rejuvenating services.

Our dark winter months is a great time to turn on the energy for healthy living.

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