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Marijuana: A User Guide

Marijuana's new legal status in California will likely change its access and consumption. However, this change in regulation does not change its safety profile. Like alcohol and other psychoactive drugs, marijuana use creates pathways in the brain driving addictive behaviors toward chronic use. Unlike alcohol and other drugs, it takes several months for the body to clear itself of marijuana... long past the temporary high.

Marijuana use during pregnancy and lactation IS NOT ADVISED regardless of it purpose: recreational or medicinal. Withdrawal from marijuana actually worsens the very symptoms it is intended to blunt, specifically anxiety and nausea. Psychoactive ingredients are delivered in unmeasured doses, making medicinal marijuana at best "a guessing game." Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, concentrates in breast milk up to eight times the blood level of the user. Additionally, there are at least 450 other identified chemicals in marijuana, many of which are toxic and add to its "more harm than good" profile.

Hospitals and health centers follow policies that strongly discourage mothers on marijuana from breastfeeding their infants. This drug passes unchanged from mother to baby in breast milk, making newborns listless and sleepy with slow reflexes and poor eating patterns. Studies also show that infants and children chronically exposed marijuana have delayed cognitive and motor development.

Do not let new California legalization of marijuana sway common sense regarding drug use. Let us help you toward healthier, long term choices for you and your family.

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