• Mary, NP

The Future of Medicine Will Come From Within

Having just spent three days in the most over-the-top city for the most over-the-top trade show, I hope the direction of medicine is indeed DAZZLING. The Aesthetic Show was held in Las Vegas this year and the theme for the future is REGENERATION.

Regeneration focuses on health and restoration from the inside out and waking up dormant stem cells. We all all excited how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from one's own blood dramatically boosts treatments with microneedling and fillers.

Good evidence tells us PRP injected in the vulva can improve sexual function, restore thinning tissue associated with menopause and correct severe and debilitating conditions such as lichen sclerosis. PRP injected into the scalp is now being used to stimulate new hair growth. Unbelievable, but true!

The good work of teams advancing use of re-introducing one's very own stems is meeting some legal battles with the FDA. Are your own stem cells are drug that has to be regulated? What do you think? Follow Dr. Mark Berman's work with SVF.

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