Your Updated Annual GYN Visit

We advise women to have a preventive health check up every year, although a pelvic exam with a Pap smear may not be required each visit.  


CERVICAL CANCER SCREENING.  Screening for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in addition to the Pap smear gives us more information regarding your risk for cervical cancer.  Pap smears start at age 21 and continue at 3-5 year intervals under normal conditions until age 65.  A medical history of an abnormal Pap smear merits more frequent screenings.  We will advise you how often you should have a pelvic exam at the time of you annual check-up.

BREAST CANCER SCREENING.  Clinical breast exams are offered to women aged 26 and up.  For women over 40, a mammogram is recommended.  If there is a strong family history of breast or other hereditary cancers in your family, we will discuss options for genetic screening.

CONTRACEPTION.  It is appropriate to review your contraceptive method every year to make sure you have an effective method that suits your lifestyle.

PERI-MENOPAUSE and MENOPAUSE SURVEILLANCE.  We will review strategies for managing menopause symptoms with you.

BONE HEALTH SCREENING.  Low estrogen affects bone density.  We can discuss whether screening for osteoporosis is appropriate for you.