Client Rights

Our promise:


▶  Treat you with respect.


▶  Keep your information private.‡


▶  Explain tests that are



▶  Orient you to our office flow.


▶  Answer your questions.

You have the right to:  


▶ Have a medical chaperon.


▶ Look at your medical record.


▶ Help plan and make choices about your care.


▶ Accept or refuse care, treatment or   service.


‡ Your confidential medical  information is protected from others.  For your safety, we are required by law to make referrals in cases of violence.   

Name TWO people you can assist you in an emergency.  Enter their numbers in your “speed dial” on your phone.


Pregnancy Care

We are here to help!


There are many people who help you during pregnancy: doctors, nurses, midwives, medical assistants, social workers, nutritionists and counselors to name a few...



■  Keep your appointments.


■  Call us if you will be late.


■  Cancel appointments at least 24

hours before your scheduled



■  Tell us of address changes.


■  Give us feedback about our


Local Hospitals:


John Muir - Walnut Creek

1601 Ygnacio Valley Blvd.


San Ramon Med Center

6001 Norris Canyon Road

Help us give you the best care.


Your role:


■  Be honest about your medical



■  Ask questions when you don’t understand something.

■  Let us know if you are unable to

follow advice.


■  Notify us of changes in your



■  Let us know if you are unable to

follow advice.


■  Notify us of changes in your



Important Numbers:


   Our Office:  (925) 937-0995


■  Even if we are closed, call our number first. You will have an option to connect Dr. Klein.

John Muir Hospital (925) 939-3000.  

Ask for “Labor & Delivery”.